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Unblock Websites Like YouTube and Facebook for Free

Now you do not need to worry, even if the favorite website of yours is blocked. With the help of the proxies these days, it is very easy to unblock websites that you like.

Proxies are a great way to unblock websites. The unblocking proxy site allows you to remove all the firewalls or the barriers that are in between, and direct you to the unblock websites instantly. Multiple social sites are blocked for public approaches, like twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. but as aforementioned that you so not need to worry; you can access these site and unblock websites in a moment. The proxy will help you to access the unblock websites with the free proxy sites that are widely available.

Usually, the proxy sites that are used to unblock websites like YouTube are free of cost. The proxy site facilitates to unblock all the websites that you want to view along with the YouTube.

All you need to do is just go on any of the free proxy websites that unblock websites and enter the URL of YouTube or Facebook, and be happy because you will be sent to the desired website in no time free of cost. One of such free websites is

In a few Asian countries, YouTube and Facebook are blocked due to anti-Islamic content and improper videos that it has, but it is still needed for the academic and common reasons. It is a fact that YouTube has importance and no one can deny this fact. The professional, students, youngsters and everyone around the globe wants access to YouTube for different purposes. Other methods that are used to access YouTube and Facebook for free, without using proxies,
are as follows;


Use Browser Plug-In to Access YouTube and Facebook

Loads of browser plug-in are available that we can use to access YouTube and Facebook in your region. These plug-ins can be installed to easily exchange the proxies for opening different websites. You can look for proxy add-on without any trouble.

Use Proxy Software for Opening YouTube and Facebook

The technology has made restrictions as well as solutions for them too. YouTube being blocked can yet be easily accessed, another way to access YouTube is to use the software like, Hotspot Shield, Ultra Surf, etc. these software can be easily and free downloaded from the internet.

Use Google DNS to Unblock YouTube and Facebook

Follow these steps;

•    Click your network connection properties and then internet protocol (TCP/IP).

•    Now change the DNS to Google DNS ( and secondary DNS to (

•    Now click save and OK.

•    Open the desired website, initially it will take some time.

•    To operate the desired site completely, it is better that you use your Gmail account that is associated with YouTube and sign in.

•    Now again, log in your YouTube account and done. You can easily watch the videos that were blocked on YouTube.


Within no time you can watch the videos, however, this method to unblock websites may not be compatible with all the networks.

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